Thank You

This will not an elaborate essay about international relations or even historical events but rather a straight forward truly heartfelt Thank You. A Thank You from a Kuwaiti man whom can not forget the Iraqi Invasion or our Arab Brotheren (?!) whom supported it. It was on August 2nd, 1990 that the myth of Arab Nationalism died and true friends revealed as it was on February 26th, 1991 that long term friendships were confirmed. We are indebted as a country as well as a people. Of course there are those who will always point to vested interests, including but not limited to, sphere of influence and energy but in the world of international relations countries should put their self interest first and foremost, something we ourselves do not do partly out of weakness and partly out of personal economic interests overtaking national interests, and we are only too happy to have our national interest coincide with yours and we thank Allah for it.

In an age where relations are stretched as well as torn in some cases between east and west we still remember our friends. Thank you for so much.

This post does not intend to lessen or disregard the role played by the whole of the coalition that have liberated Kuwait or the Arabian Gulf countries that have acted as the true blood brothers that they are towards us, the fact remains that the United States have spear headed the coalition as well as gathered it. As for the ungrateful Arab countries that we have more than supported throughout their many and ever present times of need I would not like to stain this post with their mention.

Our liberation from the Iraqi Invasion came at a great cost and none greater than the human one. You have shed military blood while we have shed civilian martyr blood all sacrificed for the greatest of good... the liberation of a whole country and people. That dear friends is unforgettable.

Thank You.


عيدي يا بلادي

حين كان الحس الوطني حقيقي
لا من الفنانين ولا العارضين ولا الجمهور...
كاد الجدار يغني معهم "عيدي يا بلادي!"

كل عام وانت بخير يا فلان... أينما كنت.
ما نسيناك لو بغينا، ولو بغينا ما فينا خير.


أجر وعافية للرمز

تتمنى مدونة أي كويت للنائب الرمز العم أحمد السعدون الأجر والعافية من رب العالمين بعد عملية جراحية في عينه اليمنى.

سلامات يا بوعبد العزيز

(جانب بسيط من شعبية هذا العملاق في التعليقات تحت خبر جريدة الآن)