Thank You

This will not an elaborate essay about international relations or even historical events but rather a straight forward truly heartfelt Thank You. A Thank You from a Kuwaiti man whom can not forget the Iraqi Invasion or our Arab Brotheren (?!) whom supported it. It was on August 2nd, 1990 that the myth of Arab Nationalism died and true friends revealed as it was on February 26th, 1991 that long term friendships were confirmed. We are indebted as a country as well as a people. Of course there are those who will always point to vested interests, including but not limited to, sphere of influence and energy but in the world of international relations countries should put their self interest first and foremost, something we ourselves do not do partly out of weakness and partly out of personal economic interests overtaking national interests, and we are only too happy to have our national interest coincide with yours and we thank Allah for it.

In an age where relations are stretched as well as torn in some cases between east and west we still remember our friends. Thank you for so much.

This post does not intend to lessen or disregard the role played by the whole of the coalition that have liberated Kuwait or the Arabian Gulf countries that have acted as the true blood brothers that they are towards us, the fact remains that the United States have spear headed the coalition as well as gathered it. As for the ungrateful Arab countries that we have more than supported throughout their many and ever present times of need I would not like to stain this post with their mention.

Our liberation from the Iraqi Invasion came at a great cost and none greater than the human one. You have shed military blood while we have shed civilian martyr blood all sacrificed for the greatest of good... the liberation of a whole country and people. That dear friends is unforgettable.

Thank You.

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Anonymous Farmer يقول...

How you doin', grossed out? Just faxed this post over to Washington, to which they responded, "Sucka".

Seriously though, foolish is the man who thinks that the liberation of Kuwait was carried out due to reasons other than securing the financial interest of one country and one country alone; that of United States government. Liberation was not carried out for the interest of the region, not for ensuring peace, and definitely not for us. Many, however, seem to still live in fairyland and believe otherwise. I think that your disposition on such matters is the most prevalent within the Kuwaiti public, but it doesn't hurt to talk things over.

The Iraqi invasion of 1990 was wrong and devastating, no one can deny that. However, it was fought under the false pretenses of humanity and restoring justice while, in fact, it was an incident that was all about securing resources. And that principle in itself is very damaging since fiscal-oriented goals hardly ever seek the benefit of the people but rather sets the tone for the entire occurrence and the corresponding procedures that take place in a fashion that only secures further control over the region, which in turn only benefits oppressive governments, like the US.

Due to the fact that this war was geared toward securing interest and re-establishing control over the region, the United States refused the Iraqi government's proposed withdrawal from Kuwait, which if I'm not mistaken was in August. Now this proposal would have been best to negotiate, not only because war leaves drastic outcomes on resources and on the environment, but also because the proposal would have saved many lives.

Although the proposal included the FREEING OF ALL KUWAITI HOSTAGES IN IRAQ, it was turned down almost immediately, not by the world community - which was in favor of such negotiations - but by the US alone in order to secure finances, not peace, not Kuwait sovereignty, not human lives.

So the US sacrificed its own people and ours to further re-establish control over the region, economically speaking. Like I said, war monger governments - like the US - usually lead to drastic outcomes.

Uncle Sam is out to getcha. Man, Uncle Sam is out to get his own people, so you can bet your little post there that he's out to get you too.

The only positive attribute to this post is the fact that it was well-written. Lay off the "whom", though, it's hardly ever employed. And remember, when in doubt, stick to "who".


كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...

Anony Farmer...

I'm fine buddy, how r u? At least you like how my "little post" was written
(I think the "whom"s were correctly placed thou; however this is not an exercise in linguistics)

I never denied the US' interest in the whole matter as a matter of fact I pointed to it and I am particularly thankful that their interest coincided with ours. I only wish that we, Kuwait, pay attention to our interests, national not personal, as they do

Furthermore, I do not care about the "false pretences" or the how or why of our liberation. What I do care about is the fact that it took place. What took place whatever you classify it as brought back our country in 7 months and is the reason we are now here discussing this. One alternative was to negotiate with the country occupying ours and we all know how long those take and that is IF they lead to a favorable outcome in the first place as well as the fact that in negotiations both parties come out with a "piece" of what they were negotiating about and Kuwait is not negotiable. The other alternative as to keep the matter "Arabic" which is the single most stupid suggestion I have ever heard considering that a portioned of the theoretically one nation were actually supporting the occupying dictator. To go with that stupid suggestion would have meant a hung issue still and forever. I repeat I don't care about any false pretenses what I care about is the fact we are here now

I am interested however in the rejected withdrawal proposal as I don't think I am aware of it. Would you please point me to it with a link. As for considering the US gov't an oppressive one I think that is a little excessive. If that is true then what would you consider gov'ts in this part of the world, including ours? The "fault" with the US gov't is that it is as transparent as they come. A "fault" I wish we shared

Between your comment and my reply we have written more than the original post :) Didn't realize you cared so much

Happy to have you over, anytime
Kuwaiti w/ upset liver-

Anonymous Farmer يقول...

No; our interests both collided and coincided on account of their being financial interests and not any other (aka humanitarian, egalitarian, law-abiding, etc). However, when speaking about the US government, one can only refer to financial interests since it's what instigates all actions led by the United States, which is a pretty crummy attitude any government may hold, as witnessed throughout the US history's consistent inhumane, or rather criminal actions taken against many nations and people.

Negotiations would have been a better option, especially since resources and people's lives were at stake. War should always be a last resort and should always be avoided rather than anticipated. That is what's deadly about the US government; it's a warmonger.

As for Arab Nationalism, it's not as simple as you phrase it. First of all, it wasn't some mere rhetoric but rather, it was a movement that had certain goals, which were aimed toward accommodating the people's needs over any other, a goal that was much needed at the time and still is.

And despite its affiliation with Marxism and what not, it gained a lot of support from a rather conservative public, comparatively speaking. It's because it was pretty much anti corruption, anti external influences and pretty much geared toward nationalizing our resources and attaining public-interest and public awareness. And the people felt that and acted accordingly with support.

Yes, Arab National was defeated by Israel, an incident that was pretty much celebrated by the US government. You see, despite the fact that Arab Nationalism was progressive - ideologically speaking - with thought that matched that of Europe's, the US labeled it as a "radical" movement merely because it called for nationalizing domestic resources and increasing awareness within the Arab community, which conflicts with Uncle Sam's interest, hence the "radical" labeling.

So no, I don't care about the rhetoric that the movement entailed, we're all Arabs whether we sing it out loud or not :-)

What was of importance was its struggle for the people, for the liberation of the Arab, and for increasing public awareness, which was witnessed throughout the prevalence of the movement.

In any case, here's your source:


Language's pretty academic and takes some getting used to - at least it did for me - so don't just up and leave on account of it being wordy. Matter of fact, do me a favor and hang out over there for a while. It would do you a world of good; give that kick ass attitude of yours just the right amount of backup needed, info-wise, that is.

Whom was incorrectly placed.


كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...

Farmer whom is anonymous...

"War should always be a last resort"
I agree, but don't forget that it was war before the US did anything to Iraq, it was war between two very uneven sides Kuwait and Iraq and the US evened things out a bit... actually more than just a bit but it was to our favor so no complaint here.

As for Arabism and the theoretical movement you've romanticized it crumbled from within rather than from outside pressures. Too much hatred and envy at it's core and eventually developed into empty promises willfully dished out to a disillusioned public, still to this day in many cases. Arab nationalism is the last thing of a long list of BS that I would waste time on. As for the US, it just appears that you've got a bone to pick.

Thanks for the source

Not sure to take that last paragraph as a compliment or a insult,,, so I choose to give you the benefit of the doubt :)


غير معرف يقول...

لايعه جبده
انجليزيتك خرا
عاد زعلت ما زعلت طق راسك بالطوفة
لا تسوي روحك ابو العريف
لا تكتب بالانجليزي مادامك ما تعرف و تنتع و تقرفنا

كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...

غير معرف...

ماكو أطيب من إنجليزيتي إلا أخلاقك واسلوبك الراقي

ملاحظة بسيطة جدا... ليش معتبر الكتابة بالإنجليزي "أبو العريف"؟
ان كنت تعجز عن القراءة بالإنجليزي غيرك يفضلها وبعدين يا محترم كتبنا بالإنجليزي لغرض معين... عسى حتى هذه ما طافتك.

حلوةمنك "تقرفنا" لا يكون مطرش لك البوست بريد مستعجل على بيتكم عسى الله يهداك :) ان كان خلافك بمضمون المكتوب فحياك الله بالنقاش وان كان خلافك شخصاني لا يهم أيضا ناقش.

طبعا ما زعلت فالزعل مو على أي واحد