?Is Obama the next iPhone

   Let me tell you about a wierd effect. Where you would be disappointed in something even though you think it's great.

   Before Apple released its iPhone it touted it to be the end of all phones. The absolute best. The reason for all mobile phone manufacturers to close their doors and exit the market. They had celebrities stand in lines for the release. They had people stand in line for days, literally days, before the thing was to be released. And everyone could buy only one!

   Apple had it's marketing machine working so hard that when the device came out and people actually had a chance to try it they realized that it's just a phone. A great phone... but a phone none the less.

   ... And they were disappointed.

   President Barak Obama had and still has such a marketing machine around him that people are still in shock that a black American is actually elected president. Well, he was. Now what? When people realize that he can't walk on water, and believe it or not he can't, will people be disappointed in him? Not because he is not a good president but because he is a victum of his own over-marketing machine.

Is Obama the next iPhone?

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Neoark يقول...

lets say top men want him to be president, so no body can stop him.

for me if things too good to be true, i don't trust it one bit.

Fashionista يقول...

i hope not

for one thing he started acting on wht he promised regarding guantanamo and the pulling out of the forces in Iraq

only time will tell

كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...


If something sounds too good to be true, it usually isn't

besides even the people that do believe in him and all that will be disappointed simply because they set the expectations way too high

mosan mosan يقول...

allah yaster my friend ....

xlant post so glad we are on the same wave length when it comes to this subject

I dont understand how people are buying in to it

mosan mosan يقول...

check this link out


I am eager to read your comment

كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...


Yes it's all very symbolic and if you'd noticed he's still acting like he's campaigning

It's not that I think he'd make a bad president it's just that I don't think he'll be any where near what people expect him to be and when they realize it there will be great disappointment

Personally I think he'll be good for the US and terrible for Kuwait. We're screwed two ways. 1) with the troop pull out from Iraq and 2) his declared plan to get off their independence on mid east oil in the next 10 years. I don't know what people "here" are happy for

كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...

mosan mosan...

and what a wavelength it is

Thanks man

I don't think that people voted for him as much as that they voted against the republicans.

And don't forget his marketing machine. They bottled "hope" and sold it to the Americans when it was in short supply. Very smart. But can the man deliver? and walk on water? I can't recall anyone walking on water

كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...


Oh man why'd you take me there!? I'm trying to pretend that she (actually he!) didn't exist (till I absolutely have to and then maybe I'll do something about it).

Don't be fooled my friend. We believe she is a guy who used to go by the name of "naar" that was sent into the blogs to defend the people who sent him. He was discovered and therefore didn't have the desired effect. Now he seems to be back with a slightly different technique but the same goals. He's now trying to push the bloggers off track and pull them into side fights and away from the issues we discuss (to their huge dismay).x

There's also another blog that was set up buy the "dar" newspaper or tabloid I should say that was a huge fiasco by a combination of mostly their own stupidity and the intelligence of the blogger community.


They really don't want us to spill the beans on the crap that happens in Kuwait.

Someday يقول...

Thats what I keep thinking, it's unrealistic the amount of hopes the entire planet seems to build on this one man, he raised their hopes and expectations soo high with his unlimited "yes we can" that ppl will be for sure gravely disappointed to know that he is just a president, meaning, US is not the kind of a country that will shift it's identity just because a new president came in to power, there are limitations to what he can do, plus and that's the part that will be scary if he actually did all the drastic changes he promised, only God knows what effect such decisions will deliver
I hope it's just me being quite negative, and I wish him luck for the worlds sake!

غير معرف يقول...


see it :)

shahad يقول...

hmmm nice linking

since ur showing ur point of view throu mobiles ill do the same

with iPhone the idea was to bring a diffrent presentation not a diffrent presentor

obama is more like a new nokia mobile it has the exact menu as the old one but it looks diffrent

on other words its the same presentation with a diffrent presentor

i think that was the deal with obama

and him winning is the end of the story thats the change they want

they wanted a new nokia mobile knowing it may have the exact menu

كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...


Exactly. He did great winning the election bottling "hope" when people really needed it. The problem is that "hope" can't be bottled. No matter how good he is he won't be what people are expecting of him hence the disappointment.

Like you I really hope he delivers because A LOT is riding on it. The problem is that if he does deliver on his promises we in Kuwait will lose out (troop pull out and oil alternatives). Catch 22 for us here we lose in all cases. I really wanted McCain.

كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...


Thanks whoever you are. Seen it.

But what's it got to do with our topic? I hope you don't mean you want bu3eeda as the leader of the free world!? loooool

كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...


That's another way of looking at it

Not what I meant though

I do think he is quite different just not gonna change the US's direction on a dime

well_serviceman يقول...

Yes, obama is sure surrounded by lots of "unbelievable" thoughts and what not.

but he's also known for his very intellegent public speeches and thinking, not to mention how he always takes people's thoughts into his actions...

he's actually "TRYING" his best to combine democrats with republicans in various points and places with limited credibility to help n fix the falling country.. as he already asked all republicans to help him in his mission during his last campaigns and in the oath ceremony.

great topic and great analysis, i loved the idea and the way it was linked to iphone.. keep it up, A+ for this post.


كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...

Well Serviceman...

The man is very "presidential" no doubt about it. He is also putting in an extraordinary effort into appeasement and bringing all sides together I'll definitely give him that. But my question still remains whether he will be able to deliver and fix the whole world. I think he over-promised in order to win the election but ultimately no matter how good he will be as president he will fall short of his stated and inferred goals and disappointment will follow.

Personally I wish him the absolute best for all of our sakes.

And thanks for the good grade. Maybe it'll average out with my other bad grades to give me a pass

Thanks for passing by

mosan mosan يقول...

oh dear it sounds like a mess .... the bad thing is that I did leave a comment on her/his blog

كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...


Yeah I know I saw that

Don't worry about it. How's anybody to know. That's what they're counting on, people's honest nature. Now you know

fool me once shame on you
fool me twice shame on me

Salah يقول...

To me, he's already the next Iphone!

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كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...


Meaning he's a fad and it's already over after having been over-promised ?!


He's great ?

Salah يقول...

the first!


كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...


long way from home

كويــتي لايــعه كبــده يقول...


You scared me

How long have you been just sitting there waiting


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